Heavy Duty Lifts


OMER’s unique pantograph heavy-duty KAR Lifts are available in ten models and are suitable for lifting the widest range of commercial vehicles. OMER’s KAR line is designed with innovation in mind being the only vertical rise and sensor-less heavy duty lift available in the market. OMER’s KAR Lifts are available in surface, recessed floor or flush-mounted installations. Their design also has different patents, including a patent for the ASO energy-absorbing system that helps to eliminate most of the mechanical stress on the lift structure and provides one of the longest life cycles available in the industry. In addition, the OMER’s family of KAR Lifts also includes a huge variety of accessories making the lifts customizable for unique jobs. All of our heavy duty lifts are available in Wash Bay, Alignment and Explosion-Proof Area version. Available in capacities ranging between 31,000 lbs. and 99,000 lbs.

  • Capacities: 31,000 lbs. to 99,000 lbs.

  • Length: 20 ft. to 48 ft.

  • Collapsed Height: 2 in. to 15.2 in.

  • Raised Height: 79 in. to 82.6 in.


The KAR lift is an electro-hydraulic vertical rising pantograph. It provides side to side and front to back access without any obstructions granting more productive work space around the lift than any other platform lift. It is ideal for maintenance work on heavier and longer buses and trucks. The strong and compressed runway design provides a stable platform that is synonymous of safety and reliability.

The large selection of capacities and runway options allows the customer to choose the exact application to fit their service requirements. KAR series lifts  has a model to fit every lifting application from 31,000 lb. to 99,000 lb. Runways are available from 20’ to 48’. OMER will build the lift to suit your specific application: “Rough Service Wash Bay”, Mining, Military, Waste Management, Street Rail, and more.

The KAR lift’s pantograph design uses a “reverse” scissor effect to perfectly reflect the lifting surface. OMER was the first to develop the parallelogram lift and has created a paradigm shift in lifting technology. The KAR design allows to lift higher and faster and makes this vertical rise lift capable of lifting heavier loads more precisely and safely. The pantograph design optimizes the amount of available floor space surrounding the lift and reduces wear and maintenance thanks to its effortless lifting due to the patented ASO energy-absorbing system.

OMER’s reverse hinge pantograph lifts vertically without any forward cantilever or “sliding” components. To dissipate the effect of potential uneven loading, OMER created the patented ASO energy-absorbing system that is located at the center of each leg hinge. This closed hydraulic/mechanical control insures that the runways remain leveled regardless of how the lift is loaded. The KAR lift uses fixed hinges to provide smooth even lifting, opposed to “Y” style lifts that have to slide at the front base plates and under the rear runways to achieve the same result.

The KAR vertical rise lift offers a unique heavy duty lifting system that does not require any electronic sensors on the lift. It is equipped with low voltage sensors and a new “volumetric” hydraulic/mechanical control system to prevent any service issue in harsh environments or wash bays, particularly when flush mounted. There are four lifting cylinders mounted vertically in the control console standing side by side that are all linked together with a large torsion bar. The cylinders have a fluid displacement design with oil above and below each piston. Once bled, the closed loop system responds immediately to any increased pressure resulting from an uneven load.

OMER’s KAR runways use a segmented box girder design, similar to what is used in long bridge spans. The multi piece runway prevents sagging and twisting from excessive concentrated loading. OMER runways are built heavier and typically weigh 40% more than competitor’s models.

To offer the longest possible service life, “zirk” style grease fittings are located at every hinge point allowing periodic lubrication. OMER uses polished high strength hinge pins with self-lubricating bearing material in order to reduce wear and lower service costs, even in high use operations. OMER’s vertical rise lifts are built to last with a minimum amount of maintenance.

All the structural components go through a steel pellet blasting (wheel-a-brator) system that removes mill slag and oils while hardening the surface of the steel. Both a double baked electrostatic powder coat and a hot dipped galvanized finish are offered as options to reduce corrosion and extend the life of the lift. Every lift is finished to withstand most work environments. In rough service wash bay operations the lift can be ordered with full galvanizing and stainless base plates, control console, hydraulic lines and hardware.

This pantograph lift is equipped with premium Siemens electrical components and Marzocchi hydraulic pumps. Most hydraulic and pneumatic components are manufactured and tested by OMER to insure the highest quality.

The OMER’s family of Kar Lifts is also equipped with numerous safety components to ensure maximum safety of operators and vehicles: mechanical locks on each lifting cylinder, burst valve on each lifting slave cylinder, 5 max. overpressure valves, photo sensors for runways leveling control, acoustic warning and by-pass key when lift reaches 20 in. from collapsed position, low voltage controls, and dead man control.


Hot-Dipped Galvanization for outdoor or wash-bay use

Waterproof galvanized cover for control unit for outdoor installation

Non-standard power supply 208V-230V-460V-575V

Hand pump for emergency descent

Low approach ramps

Optional Flush Mount, Drive Through or Service

Air operated and stainless steel turning plates

Extended length runway

Rolling Jacks

Air kit

Light kit

Winter kit

Automatic pit covering platforms for flush mount version