Car Stackers


OMER’s Tripark is a compact triple car stacker that allows you to park several cars in an extremely limited space. The Tripark is uniquely designed to accommodate SUV’s, 4 wheel-drive vehicles, and even low clearance sports cars.  It is also equipped with a galvanized platform structure that is specifically designed to prevent water or fluids from the vehicles on the upper platforms from dripping down onto the vehicles below.

  • Capacity: 5,500 lbs. per platform

  • Dimensions: Platform 1: 85.6 in. x 153.5 in.; Platform 2: 81.5 in. x 142.5 in.


The Tipark is the ideal parking solution in areas where you need to park several cars, but the parking space is extremely limited. It allows to quickly and effectively park up to three cars in a space that would otherwise hold only a single vehicle. The individual platforms can bear loads of up to 5,500 lbs. making it capable of handling any passenger vehicle currently on the market. This triple car storage lift’s design incorporates several levels of safety features. One such safety function is the operation of lowering vehicles from the upper platform. Once the underlying vehicles have been removed, the lower platform is raised until it engages the upper platform, which activates a safety switch, and allows the last vehicle to be lowered to ground level.

This lowering sequence was designed to provide increased stability during movement to ensure the utmost safety. Once at ground level, the vehicle can then be safely driven off of the upper platform, using the ramp that is integrated into the platform structure, making the unloading operation fast, safe, and easy. 

The Tripark’s platforms are completely smooth and hot-dip galvanized. This ensures easy access to the vehicles on the platforms. The end plate of each platform, which also acts as an integrated ramp, is manufactured with almond sheet metal, which acts to both reduce tire slippage during vehicle loading/unloading operations, and to eliminate any potential slip hazard for vehicle operators.

The design of the support structure ensures the smooth and silent operation of the lift. In addition, its robustness guarantees the total security of the vehicles positioned on the platform. Thanks to the additional stability provided by the torsion bar on the upper platform, your vehicle’s safety is safeguarded at every level.

The design of the OMER’s triple car stacker makes parking your car easy and natural thanks to the wheel stop plate installed in the front edge of the platform. Furthermore, the Tripark’s platforms are angled slightly forward to lean the cars wheels onto the front stops and prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards off the platform, even when the emergency brake is not engaged.

This car storage lift is also equipped with an electronically-actuated mechanical locking stopper. When in the open position, the mechanical locking stopper allows the torsion bar to run up and down unimpeded. When it is in a closed position, it engages the mechanical lock on the torsion bar, which has locking positions at one-inch intervals. When the mechanical lock is engaged, it allows the hydraulic oil to flow back to the tank, removing any unnecessary pressure from inside the hydraulic system, which prevents the overstressing of the hydraulic components and extends the lifespan of the lift.

This car stacker is equipped with an electrical micro-switch that slows down and stops the platforms at their programmed positions. The activation of the micro-switch causes the platform to stop. The placement of the micro-switch was designed in such a way that makes it both highly visible and easily accessible. This was done to aid technicians and make it easier to perform any kind of maintenance or potential emergency intervention. All the micro-switches are placed along the column, but their position can be adjusted in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

In the highly unlikely event that a micro-switch malfunctions, the upper platform is equipped with a transversal security bar that is placed underneath the platform. The transversal security bar mechanically stops the ascent of the vehicle, preventing any potential damage when using the middle platform. This provides an additional level of safety and security to protect you and your vehicle.

The columns were also engineered with form and function in mind. Their positioning was designed to provide operators with as much space as possible to open their vehicle doors, and enter/exit their vehicles with ease. 


Hot-Dipped Galvanization for outdoor use

Non-standard power supply 230V-460V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

Waterproof galvanized cover for control unit for outdoor installation

Waterproof push button board IP 54

Limit switches/vehicle detecting photocell for electronic collision prevention