Automatic & Semi-Automatic Parking Systems


Our Tecnopark & Slide-Park are automatic and semi-automatic parking systems, respectively. Their futuristic design and rugged dependability are the perfect solution to handle your modern high-congestion parking needs.

  • Capacities: 4,400 lbs. to 6,600 lbs.

  • Platform Dimensions: (86.6 in. x 152 in.) to (156 in. x 315 in.)


The OMER automated parking systems (fully automatic or semi-automatic) offer an innovative solution that can make the most of extremely limited spaces by converting any unused or difficult-to-use space into a parking space. We can transform areas such as courtyards, roof tops, basement floors, obsolete garages, cellars, private homes or buildings, into multi-use parking spaces for multiple vehicle storage solutions. 

Our Tecnopark and Slide-Park are the perfect parking solutions for busy cities, apartment buildings, convention centers, or any area where the square footage to park is very limited. They are automated parking systems composed of an entry cell where the car’s owner leaves the vehicle on top of a platform that automatically parks the car. Once the owner gets out of his vehicle and exits the entry cell, the system checks the vehicle size utilizing laser scanners in order to verify that it fits into the platform. 

OMER fully safeguards the customer and their vehicle by including numerous safety devices interfaced and managed by dedicated software. The entry cell is equipped with a VCC system (optional) in order to verify that everything complies with security norms and regulations before moving the platform. Additionally, it is equipped with a photocell barrier system that checks the car’s length as an additional layer of redundancy. These systems are located at the beginning and at the end of the platform, and they prevent any movement of the platform in the case of a vehicle breaking the light barrier. In order to ensure that the vehicle is parked on the platform in the perfect position, the entry cell is equipped with an arrow lighting panel. It is placed on the wall in front of the entrance and, through the use of some highly-visible indicating arrows, directs the driver which way to park. When all the arrows turn green, the vehicle is in the perfect position, and the driver can then leave the vehicle and exit the entry cell.

OMER’s automated parking systems are made of an independent, self-supporting fixed modular structure, and an electro-hydraulically operated mobile (or robotic) structure. The vehicle is positioned in the incoming car cell and, after a series of controls and safety operations, the robot takes the platform with the vehicle on it from the “entrance” cell and sets it in the user’s reserved spot, all in a fully automated manner. The movement of the car cells is both completely safe and is uniquely simple. The structure of the parking spot is composed of a transfer system, called a transfer cell, and a platform. The platform is completely flat and smooth which makes it very easy to park in any direction. 

The chain on the longer side of the platform is split into two parts in order to prevent any slackening of the chain itself. The two parts of the chain on the longer side are joined by a connecting chain and pinions to make it one complete unit. The pinions, which allow rotation of the chains, are in galvanized stainless steel. Additionally, the toothed part of the pinion is also hardened during the galvanization process and has been tested to withstand unlimited operating cycles.

The short side of the structure has been engineered with an emphasis on even the smallest details in order to guarantee a perfect functioning automated parking system that will stand the test of time. To transfer the platform, two hydraulic pistons lift the short side. A torsion bar, that runs on two short tooth racks, prevents the short side from becoming unbalanced at the time of lifting, ensuring a perfectly symmetric movement. When the transfer cell is in action, two sliding blocks, loaded with molybdenum disulphide (a type of material used to reduce drastically any kind of friction), counterbalances the push of the torsion bar on the short side. 

In order to prevent any kind of noise and vibration from being transferred from the system to the building where the automated parking system is installed, the transfer cell can be equipped with anti-vibrations pads with very high absorption power. These kinds of pads are installed prior to installation. The Tecnopark and Slide-Park have a compactness without precedent and a level of quality that guarantees that you will have a perfect functioning parking system for decades to come.