Car Stackers


Spacer 25/2 belongs to the independent double stacker family and requires a pit. This design allows cars to move independently so that the cars parked on the upper platform can be removed without moving the cars parked on the lower platform. Each platform can accommodate cars up to 5,500 lbs. each.

  • Capacity: 5,500 lbs. per platform

  • Dimensions: (90.5 in. x 204.7 in.) to (102.4 in. x 204.7 in.)


The Spacer 25/2 is classified as an independent parking lift because the car on either platform can be accessed and removed/added independently of the other vehicles, unlike a dependent parking lift that requires you to first remove the vehicle on the bottom before being able to access the vehicle on the upper platform. To be able to move cars independently, a pit is required so that the cars parked on the upper platform can be removed without moving the cars parked on the lower platform.

This double car stacker is equipped with a torsion bar which is located within the frame of the first platform. Its purpose is to stabilize the weight of the car on the platform whichever direction, either forwards or backwards, that the car is facing.

The torsion bar is equipped with four pinion gears (two at each end) that have very specific functions. The outer pinion will slide the bar on the rack, while the inner pinion acts as part of the locking mechanism for additional safety protections.

An electronically-actuated steel safety gear rests on the internal toothed pinion so that in the event of sudden release of the button or inadvertent movement of the platform, the platform will safely lock mechanically. Also, as an additional safety measure, it has a hydraulically-operated mechanical block at the top of the column.

All wiring is protected by a PVC catenary, which protects against the possible crushing of electric cables during the movement of this auto stacker car lift, ensuring a degree of overall safety, and provides an additional mechanical safeguard for the electrical system.

All wiring for the electric motor, hydraulic pump, oil tank and hand pump (standard) are factory installed on this auto stacker car lift. This means that a motor room is not necessary, which provides for a considerable saving of space and additional costs to construct such a room. Furthermore, its intuitive design allows for quick access for repairs and maintenance to the platform.

The Spacer 25/2 has a standard clearance of 71 inches between platforms, but can also be customized with a higher clearance, if needed, of up to 83 inches between platforms in order to allow parking of taller vehicles.

The platforms are of a highly ergonomic design for easy access by any user, including those with disabilities. The modular floor panels of the platforms are all galvanized. Additionally, they are engineered in such a way that their joints prevent the dripping of oil, water, dirt, and grime onto the vehicle below.

This car stacker comes in two standard colors: Blue (RAL 5005) and Silver (RAL 7040), but with painting capabilities on-site, the Spacer 25/2 can be customized in any non-standard color to meet your preference and needs.


Hot-Dipped Galvanization for outdoor use

Non-standard power supply 230V-460V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

Waterproof galvanized cover for control unit for outdoor installation

Waterproof push button board IP 54

Limit switches/vehicle detecting photocell for electronic collision prevention