Car Stackers


OMER’s Double Spacer 25/2 car stacker is similar to Spacer 25/2, but it can accommodate four cars at a time.  Each platform can accommodate cars that weigh up to 5,500 lbs. apiece.

  • Capacity: 5,500 lbs. per parking space (4 total)

  • Dimensions: (181.1 in. x 204.7 in.) to (204.7 in. x 204.7 in.)


The Double Spacer 25/2 is a stand-alone duplicator platform, meaning that we took the concept of the Spacer 25/2, and enlarged it to be able to accommodate up to four vehicles on one lift. After a series of technical innovations, we can confidently say that the Double Spacer 25/2 is one of the highest-quality, and safest parking lifts available worldwide. This car stacker’s unique and rugged design allows you to safely park asymmetrically and in several different orientations without causing stress to the overall lifting structure. The Double Spacer 25/2 is extremely versatile. This parking garage lifting system easily allows the parking and storage of up to four cars within the same space as two traditional parking spots while maintaining access to all of the vehicles. The two hydraulic lifting cylinders are placed inside both of columns which provides the dual purpose of making the lift more compact while also providing more protection to the hydraulic cylinders themselves. Additionally, this car stacker is self-standing and doesn’t need to be anchored to the building.

This forward-thinking design prevents any kind of vibration from the lift from being transmitted to the building. To reduce vibration from the columns, the scrolling pads of the platforms (which are inside the columns), are made from Teflon preloaded with molybdenum-sulphide, which drastically reduces any kind of friction.

Our unique torsion bar ensures that the platform stays perfectly level, even when the loads are out of balance. Linked to the columns by means of toothed ring-nuts, the torsion bar creates a stabilizing effect to the platform, thus eliminating the need to balance the weight on either platform. A bearing system at the ends of the torsion bar ensures a quiet and smooth rotation of the torsion bar for the entire lifecycle of the lift. Furthermore, the torsion bar is equipped with a mechanical locking stopper which is one of the major safety features of this parking garage lifting system. The mechanical locking stopper is spaced at one-inch intervals and provides another level of safety redundancy.

The structures connecting the platforms – both upper and lower – are designed with a sturdy frame that guarantees safety. The connecting structure between the upper and lower platforms is formed by a solid steel body (as opposed to a modular one), which makes it extremely stable and secure. A galvanized finish is applied on both the top and the underside of the platform, increasing both quality and product life. The surfaces of the platforms are perfectly smooth and compact to prevent liquids to drip down from the overlying parts and potentially damaging the vehicles below.

The motor group and hydraulic tank are hung placed in a tray underneath the upper platform. This both drastically reduces the floor space needed and also makes it easier to complete the electrical connection during installation. Furthermore, in order to unlock the mechanical locking stopper and let the platform come down in the case of a loss of power emergency, the tank is also equipped with a hand pump.


Hot-Dipped Galvanization for outdoor use

Non-standard power supply 230V-460V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

Waterproof galvanized cover for control unit for outdoor installation

Waterproof push button board IP 54

Limit switches/vehicle detecting photocell for electronic collision prevention