Car Display


OMER’s Turntable car display is a great solution to showcase your vehicle, or provide enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces. With customizable solutions to match your flooring and diameters, and capacities to meet your vehicle’s needs, it is the perfect way to highlight any vehicle in your inventory.

  • Capacities: 5,500 lbs. to 17,600 lbs.

  • Diameters: 5 ft. to 26.2 ft.


OMER’s Turntable car display is a rotating platform, ideal for those spaces where maneuvering a vehicle would be extremely difficult. Very user-friendly, it is capable of turning your car a complete 360 degrees, thus facilitating a way out from a narrow parking space. Completely electronic, it can be provided with an optional remote control. This Turntable has been developed in different diameters (up to 26.2 ft.) and capacities (up to 17,600 lbs.). This product can also be customized to match the surrounding flooring, making it even more attractive by allowing it to blend in with the existing landscape.

The Turntable is composed of eleven main structural elements:

  • Four platform wedges

  • Four wheel guides embedded in the construction work

  • One complete structure connected to the underlying circular rack

  • One panel for covering the connecting structure

  • One motor assembly

Each of the wedge-shaped sections of the platform is equipped with four polyurethane wheels, reducing the amount of unsupported space to the barest minimum, thus preventing deformation of the platform due to uneven weight distribution. This design also significantly reduces noise during operation. The four sections of the platform are secured to the connecting structure and are then covered by a covering panel that can be customized to match the existing flooring and ensure a uniform finish. In order to facilitate easier access for maintenance and inspections, one of the four sections of the platform is equipped with a hatch.

The Turntable requires a pit for proper installation. The pit is then lined with edging, which also serves as track for the wheels. This design prevents the excessive wearing of the wheels caused by running on rough concrete. Each part of the edging is secured to the next part by a flange, which adds to the solidity of the overall structure. Moreover, the outward facing side of the edging/wheel-guide is equipped with welded iron flanges so that it can be solidly secured to the concrete. The wheels are of a polyurethane material and are secured to the structure with mechanical pins, which are secured to an “U”- shaped structure welded to the platform.

The connecting structure consists of a cross-shaped element welded on the top of the underlying circular rack. It is snapped into the central rotation pin in the underlying area. The central rotation pin (set on the motor assembly and fit with thrust bearings to completely absorb compression due to weight) accommodates the connecting structure.

The gear motor is contained inside the structure supporting the central rotation pin. It is designed for an easy installation, and its keyhole design does not allow for coupling errors. The rotation pinion is coupled to the unit’s circular rack by shifting the gear motor assembly forward and backward. Once coupling has been completed, it can be easily locked into place with two securing bolts ensuring that coupling is maintained for the lifespan of the Turntable.


Hot-Dipped Galvanization for outdoor use

Non-standard power supply 230V-460V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

Photocells perimeter control for car dimensions (set of 4)

Remote control