Car Stackers


The Duplo Model is a flush-mounted car storage lift that is designed to accommodate two vehicles in the space of one. One vehicle would be parked in the pit on the lower platform, while the other vehicle would be parked on the upper platform (or roof) when the parking system is lowered. The upper roof can be customized to blend in with the surrounding area so that your additional car can be safely and discretely parked.

  • Capacities: 4,400 lbs. to 6,600 lbs.

  • Dimensions: (86.6 in. x 204.7 in.) to (106.3 in. x 204.7 in.)


This independent double car stacker comes in three versions: the Duplo 30 T, the Duplo 25/2 and the Duplo 20/2 T. The entire structure is fully galvanized, which includes both the upper and lower platforms. Ideal for outdoor installations such as in gardens or garage access zones, this car storage lift is designed to double up parking spaces, while keeping one of your vehicles completely safe underground and the residential area free of clutter. As with all other OMER products, the color can be customized to nicely match the existing landscape. A remote-control package is also available as an optional accessory to improve the ease and quickness of parking. Easy parking is one of the main features of the Duplo line.

Both the roof and lower platforms are designed to accommodate most vehicles. They are spacious enough to be used for full size vehicles, or even vehicles with longer wheel bases. The roof has an access hatch for maintenance, control, and emergency access. This opening makes inspections easier, even when the car storage lift is completely lowered underground. Our top engineering team has made sure to design the Duplo to maximize both form and function for owners and maintenance technicians. This forward-thinking approach not only makes it easier to service the Duplo as needed, but, by making it easier to work on for technicians, also reduces the overall cost of ownership for the life of the lift.

This car stacker has two torsion bars, one for each pair of columns. They are located on the short sides of the unit. The torsion bars are a part of the system of equalizing chains that ensures the perfect alignment of the parking system and prevents any tilting during use. The system of chains, which are used to completely engage the notched torsion bar pinion, is doubled for each long side of the unit. This ensures that the system cannot tilt because the torsion bars are locked into place by the chains while they are under tension. The Duplo torsion bar and chain system makes this parking solution perfectly safe, level, and stable.

Each column is equipped with an electromagnetic locking system that allows the unit to be safely locked and stored at any height. This system, in combination with the torsion bar and chain system, was designed for one obvious reason: to ensure that when your vehicle is on our lift, it is completely safe. Furthermore, we offer photocells for electronic collision prevention as additional safety accessories that can be added with the purchase of your Duplo.


Non-standard power supply 230V-460V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

Waterproof push button board IP 54

Limit switches/vehicle detecting photocell for electronic collision prevention

Remote control

Internal lighting LED device in low voltage

Two colored traffic light