Parking Systems


OMER’s Double and Triple car stackers are compactly designed to allow several vehicles to be parked in a relatively small space. The platform has different capacities and dimensions in order to be able to accommodate SUV’s, 4 wheel-drive vehicles, and even low clearance sports cars.

  • Capacities: 5,700 lbs. to 7,000 lbs.

  • Platform Dimensions: 86.6 in. x 142.5 in.

  • Number of Platforms: 2-3

  • Lifting Height: 72.8 in. to 82.7 in.


The Bipark is a compact double car stacker that can lift a car smoothly and quickly into position. It is compactly designed to allow several vehicles to be parked in a relatively small space.


The Tripark is a triple car stacker that allows you to park several cars in an extremely limited space. This product is a perfect solution for a congested urban environment.


The Spacer 25/2 is an independent double stacker which allows you to move cars independently so that the cars parked on the upper platform can be removed without moving the cars parked on the lower platform.


The Double Spacer 25/2 functions similarly to the Spacer 25/2 but allows for independent access to four vehicles instead of two.


The Duplo Model is a customizable independent parking solution that allows for two cars to be parked in the footprint of a single vehicle.


OMER USA provides solutions for any parking requirement by offering a wide range of models; from the simplest model that makes it possible to stack two cars in one parking spot, to the most complex and most elaborate modular units of unlimited capacity, to fully-automated robotic units. The OMER automated parking system offers an innovative solution that can make the most of extremely limited spaces by converting any unused, or difficult-to-use space into a parking space. We can transform areas such as courtyards, roof tops, basement floors, obsolete garages, cellars, private homes or buildings, etc., into multi-use parking spaces for multiple vehicle storage solutions. OMER’s automated parking system are made of an independent, self-supporting fixed modular structure, and an electro-hydraulically operated mobile (or robotic) structure. The vehicle is positioned in the incoming car cell and, after a series of controls and safety operations; the robot takes the platform with the vehicle on it from the “entrance” cell and sets it in the user’s reserved spot, all in a fully automated manner. The movement of the car cells is both completely safe and is uniquely simple. OMER fully safeguards the customer and their vehicle by including numerous safety devices interfaced and managed by dedicated software. The comprehensive line of OMER products also includes lift platforms for motor vehicles, materials, and goods, and also turntables for vehicle display. Our car elevators are of rugged and safe design to provide safe and continuous use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our team of highly-skilled engineers and technicians have worked in conjunction to create a portfolio of parking solutions specifically tailored in form, function, and safety to meet any of your vehicle parking and/or storage needs.