Light Duty Lifts


OMER’s double scissors lifts are the ideal lifts for most passenger vehicles, ranging from compact cars up to light duty trucks. These car scissor lifts are innovatively built for safety and versatility. When compared to the traditional two-post design, they allow you to lift vehicles faster and more efficiently while also taking up less shop floor space. The lifting capacity for this family of products ranges from 7,700 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. capacity. Our double scissor lifts come in two different models: the FLY 35 and the IPPO 45.

  • Capacities: 7,700 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.

  • Length: 50.4 in. to 83.3 in.

  • Collapsed Height: 4.5 in. to 8.3 in.

  • Raised Height: 74.4 in. to 79.5 in.


OMER’s FLY 35 is built to higher quality standard; made in Italy in an ISO 9001 facility by O.ME.R S.p.A., a world leader in lift manufacturing for over 40 years.

Its no “post” design incorporates a smaller footprint than traditional 2-post lifts, which maximizes efficiency and productivity of the shop floor. It has an overall width of 80 in. and a maximum raised height of 74.4 in.

This hydraulic car lift is designed with a both low profile and oversized platforms, and it is capable of lifting most types of passenger vehicles. 

The FLY 35 incorporates a single cylinder on each platform with a pneumatically actuated safety lock on both cylinders. Its ultra-low profile has a maximum height of 4.5 in. for a quick and easy installation. It is designed without electronic sensors to increase reliability.

This ALI certified car lift seamlessly integrates multiple safety features into its design. Those safety features include a velocity fuse on each cylinder, a max pressure valve, an acoustic warning for the final descent below 18 inches, low voltage control circuit (24v), and “dead-man” controls. It also operates using a hydraulic and mechanical synchronization system that makes this product simple, safe, and reliable. 

As an additional option, the whole structure of this double scissor car lift can be hot-dipped galvanized, offering extra protection from corrosion due to water or salt exposure, extending the service life of the equipment, and ultimately saving you money.


The OMER IPPO 45 is a full-rise pad style lift with an industry-leading ALI Certified lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs.  It is engineered with a compact design and rugged construction that takes up less shop floor space while lifting more than our competitors. Its small footprint has the overall dimensions of 50.4 in. x 81.9 in., making it the best solution for compact spaces. 

Thanks to its versatility and ease-of-use, this hydraulic car lift is ideal for most passenger vehicles; from small, compact vehicles, up to light duty trucks. It is also equipped with pull out extensions that allow you to safely adjust for any length of wheelbase you might encounter.

It is equipped with a volumetric control to keep the lift level all the time, thanks to a single cylinder with dual chambers. As hydraulic oil is pumped into the lower chamber, the hydraulic oil in the upper chamber is pushed out and directed to the cylinders on each of the runways via a solid aluminum block manifold. This volumetric control guarantees that an equal amount of hydraulic pressure is provided to each of the runways, which, in turn, ensures that the platforms stay level at all times without the need for additional electronic sensors.

The lack of electronic sensors means that the IPPO 45 requires less maintenance than other similar products on the market, while its equalization valve and extra-large pins equipped with zirk grease fittings add to its ruggedness and reliability. Overall, these features translate to less downtime, and make this product the ideal solution for quick-turnaround, high-volume shops.

This ALI certified car lift is engineered to the highest safety standard. Both platforms are equipped with mechanical safety locks with 21 locking positions. This ensures side to side stability of the lift and eliminates the potential for accidental lowering of the lift. Additional safety features of this product include parachute valves on each cylinder, a maximum pressure valve, a limit switch with acoustic warning for the complete lowering of the lift below 18 inches, a low-voltage control circuit (24V), and manual lowering capabilities in case of a loss-of-power situation. 

This double scissor lift has an open front and its rear design, with no tie bars or torsion rods, allows for unobstructed access to the underside of most vehicles on the market. Its independent platform design allows for between 27 inches of working space. The flat-deck platform and “spotting blocks” allow easy vehicle spotting and a quick set-up by the operator, increasing bay productivity.

The surface-mounted version comes with low-profile ramp extensions which allow for accessibility of smaller compact cars while still allowing heavier loads. The lift can also be flush mounted, eliminating the need for ramps, and allowing for ultimate productivity and space saving bay solutions.


Hot-Dipped Galvanization for outdoor or wash-bay use

Non-standard power supply 230V-460V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

Hoses length up to 26 ft.

Adjustable frame engaging truck adapter

Low approach ramps

Hand pump for emergency descent