Car Elevators


The MOVE car elevator is part of the OMER’s family of car park lift systems. It is designed with a two-column system. The columns are placed on opposite sides along the sides of the platform. The MOVE parking system has a capacity of up to 6,600 lbs. and it comes in two different models: MOVE 30N and MOVE30L.

  • Capacity: 6,600 lbs.

  • Dimensions: (78.7 in. x 94.5 in.) to (118.1 in. x 236.2 in.)

  • Max Lifting Height: 157.5 in. to 629.9 in.


MOVE 30N is a platform lift that runs on two opposite columns that can easily be installed even in places where wall anchoring is not feasible. The MOVE 30L, as compared to the 30N model, has the two columns on the same side of the platform and mounted to the wall, maximizing usable platform space.

This car elevator allows vehicles to be parked on the platform in either direction, forwards or backwards, without affecting the platform balance. This lift also has a certified maximum lifting height of 629.9 in. (approximately 52.5 ft., or 5 stories).

The platform is composed of an extremely rigid base structure. No points are subject to bending even when the vehicle being lifted maxes out the 6,600 lb. capacity. This car elevator is equipped with support beams that secures it to the nearest wall and ensures the utmost stability and safety. Thanks to its stability, this parking garage lifting system is extremely safe and very easy to drive onto.

The unit is equipped with a torsion bar system that prevents the platform from being out of balance due to an unbalanced vehicle weight. Moreover, it ensures greater safety while the platform is moving. The torsion bar slides on a self-contained rack, and, thus, it does not affect the column structure. The head pinion on the torsion bar has a notched ring (one on each end) that is engaged and runs along the rack (one per column). The same torsion bar has position-adjustable supports so that it perfectly connects to the racks.

Both columns are equipped with a mechanical locking system that locks the platform into place. It is operated by a hydraulic piston, it ensures platform safety, and it connects the shoulder to the piston, preventing untimely movement while the vehicle is being parked on the platform. Once the platform is resting on the mechanical locking system, the entire hydraulic system is depressurized, safeguarding and extending its lifespan.

This parking garage lifting system is equipped with a chain over piston (manufactured by O.ME.R. S.p.A.), with a ratio of 1:2 so that the platform travel versus the length of the piston shaft is doubled. The top of the piston holds a pulley over which the chain slides; it is protected by a metal plate which prevents the chain from leaving its housing.

Numerous limit switches are utilized on this car elevator. The stop limit switch stops the platform at the indicated level and ensures safe embark/disembark. Another limit switch forces the deceleration of the platform, and ensures that it arrives at the desired level gently and without any abrupt movement. The piston that mechanically locks the platform at the desired level is controlled by an “all out, all in” limit switch that analyzes the correct position. In case of piston malfunction (when it is not possible to set the platform in safety mode from the electrical control panel), the limit switch sends the platform to the next floor so that it can then be secured.

The management and control assembly is quite compact and takes up very little space. The electric motor is installed over the oil tank and the electrical panel is installed to the side so that it can be quickly and easily access for maintenance or emergency operations.


Hot-Dipped Galvanization for outdoor use

Non-standard power supply 230V-460V / 3Ph / 50-60Hz

Waterproof galvanized cover for control unit for outdoor installation

Waterproof push button board IP 54

Limit switches/vehicle detecting photocell for electronic collision prevention

Remote control

Two colored traffic lights

Speed increase